Our Services


We can engrave your own items starting from £6.00 as well as items bought in our shop for FREE.


We can have rings re-sized and looking as good as new. Our shop also offer a ring sizing service for FREE.


Breathe new life into your damaged or old  jewellery with our jewellery repair service.

  • Re-threading of pearls and other beaded necklaces
  • Repairs and replacements to catches, shanks, settings and clasps
  • Gemstone and Diamond resetting and replacement
  • Add extra links to gold/silver chains to make it longer/ or take out to shorten it.
  • Cleaning gold and silver
  • Polishing and re-plating jewellery


  • We offer a strap and bracelet replacement and adjustment service.
  • Replacement of battery plus re sealing of watch 
  • Movements can be repaired.
  • Replace of broken stems
  • We can replace glass, sapphire crystal (scratch resistant) and perspex faces.
  • Spring Bar Replacement
  • Hand replacement service